General Hospital Spoilers (GH): Sam’s Confusion Deepens – Amy Confesses


General Hospital spoilers (GH) for Friday, November 17, 2017.

Residents of Port Charles face an end to an emotionally difficult week that’s (unfortunately) far from any conclusion…

It’s Me, Amy

Amy (Risa Dorken) was very upset Thursday when she thought there was something amiss with Chet and her relationship with her dear brother.

She panicked at the hospital, and Nathan (Ryan Paevey), as a good friend, was very concerned.

Tomorrow, she bites the bullet and tells Chet something he doesn’t look to happy to hear: “I’m Ask Man Landers.” She looks very apprehensive about how he’ll respond.

His expression at hearing this news about the column that essentially saved his life is a mixture of surprise, anger, and confusion!

Can You Talk?

At her house, Elizabeth (Rebecca Herbst) walks around the family room tentatively.

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She’s on the phone. “Hey. I need to see you,” she tells the person on the other end.

Who could it be?

Fear and More Confusion

Sam (Kelly Monaco) is going through quite a time right now, as anyone in her position would be.

Who is her husband? Who’s the father of her children? Who is she in relation to them?

She tears up as Nina (Michelle Stafford), in a breathy, serious voice, asks her, “So what are you afraid of?”

A wise president once said, “We have nothing to fear but fear itself.” What will Sam’s answer be? Will she even bother to answer Nina, who isn’t really her best friend or anything.

Seems like an odd choice but we guess they work together now, so why not? Spoilers do say Nina helps put things in perspective. We’re sure glad someone can.

SoapHub: Sam confides in Nina…


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