Days of Our Lives Spoilers (DOOL): Aftershocks Rock Abe’s World – JJ’s Uncertain Future


Days of Our Lives spoilers (DOOL) for Thursday, November 16, 2017.

Days’ fans are loving what’s happening in Salem right now… Storylines are heating up and the talents of the show’s gifted actors are setting screens on fire across the country!

Theo: The Aftershock Sets In On Abe

Theo’s (Kyler Pettis) shooting continues to cause shock, difficult decisions, and broken hearts for the many people affected by it.

Abe already had to watch Lexie (Renee Jones) slip away. Losing Theo would be too difficult for Abe to bear. Days spoilers say Jennifer will urge Abe to stay positive. She’ll hope that Theo will pull through and help them heal this conflict.

Celeb Dirty Laundry: Abe barely hanging on

Kayla (Mary Beth Evans) has to deliver troubling news to Theo’s distraught family. How will the tight-knit Carvers, and their network of supportive loved ones, take this latest unwelcome update?

Kayla (Mary Beth Evans) has an unpleasant task, one that she’s faced before as an indispensable part of the medical team at the hospital. She has to deliver disturbing news about Theo (Kyler Pettis). The news causes even more upset for the already struggling Carver family.

SoapCities: Kayla’s heartbreaking task

Fans are as disturbed by Theo’s critical condition as his family and friends are…

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Valerie’s Difficult Decision

Valerie  (Vanessa Williams) comes to the onerous decision to make a confession to Abe (James Reynolds).

These two have seen their share of rocky times in the past and managed to make it anyway. But will Theo’s uncertain fate break their bond, even as strong as it is?

Is Valerie hiding something else as she’s done in the past?

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