Bold and The Beautiful Spoilers (BB): Sheila’s Back! – Liam’s Lost His Way


The Bold and The Beautiful spoilers (BB) for Thursday, November 16, 2017.

After the devastation of last week, there’s still so much wrong and so little right this week on B&B – it’s almost impossible to pick a place to start!

However, when the situation is this dire, it’s ALWAYS a good idea to start with Sheila…


Quixotic Quinn

Quinn (Rena Sofer) means well, at least lately.

For the most part!

But she has some harsh words about Sheila (Kimberlin Brown) on Thursday.

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It’s understandable, given that Sheila tried to shoot her and then destroy her marriage in the short while she’s been back in LA. She and Eric (John McCook) are sitting on the couch in the Forrester mansion, Thursday, having a quiet, if intense chat.

Quinn notes that in her heyday, before Eric made her a better woman (at least for now), she did some pretty bad stuff. But, she continues, her bad stuff was nothing compared to Sheila’s “unholy terror.”

Eric assures her that nothing will ever break the two of them up. Of course, this is a daytime serial, and we can never be one hundred percent sure of that. But it’s sweet that the two of them, at least, think that way.

Some are Team Quinn…

Some aren’t…

Either way, who doesn’t love this throwback brawl! Epic!!!

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